Monday, December 13, 2010

Bosque Fiber Fest products

This past weekend was the second annual Bosque Fiber Fest. We attended as vendors. Had a GREAT time and sold some fun stuff. Here are some hand-dyed locks of Mohair. A few years back I helped shear Angora's for a share of the fiber and this is what came out of it.
Here is one of my carded Glam batts that has BFL, Merino and Angelina.
Here are two batts of BFL in Tangerine, Lime and Lemon colors.
This is Chinese New Year. Super soft BFL mixed with cherry red Mohair and some gold angelina
This is some handdyed BFL with blue/gold angelina and some Merino . I did all these with the thought that if they did not sell, I could spin them up or use them as felting projects. Sadly and happily they sold except some of the purple and the red.
There were some incredibly talented vendors. I really am sad this wasn't more well attended but am so glad we got to go and sell as well as do a little buying ourselves.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Felt...therefor I AM....BUSY!

Well, it seems like all I've been doing is FELTING - starting with the stockings (see the last picture) and then a few other little projects trickled in including this birdhouse decoration! I love this little bird!
Lots of personality on this little critter!
As I was working away at projects, I decided my table needed a few lower priced items. So these little ornaments and ladybug magnets came about. There is also a little pumpkin too but I didn't get the picture.

This is one of the Alpaca stockings for Four Pines Alpacas who traded the batting to make these stockings for two felted stockings.
And this little goatie is heading to Tennessee after Thanksgiving. Okay, back to felting, painting, spinning! Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New yarn hot off the wheel.

Two new yarns hot off the spinning wheel. I really like both of these!
This one is from some lovely Mohair roving that my friend Terri gave me - It was shades of Cranberry, teal, and pinks. I spun up some teal silk and plyed it. Wow did that turn out stunning. I think I'm really liking the Silk/Mo blend. I have a ton of MO that needs processing - now I'm pretty sure I know what I'll be working on.
This one is some Hand-dyed Cormo in light brown plyed with some pinkish purple silk. I had leftovers of both and just used them up. I still have a lot of the pinky and teal silk left so I have a 3-ply brewing in my mind......

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crankin' out the projects.

I finished this yarn not too long ago, I had bought some gorgeous handpainted BFL roving last year at Taos wool festival (actually, Espanola is where I got this, on the way home from Taos) and about 3 years ago traded some work for some fiber (Merino/Ramboulliet cross) with a friend of mine and this is what came of it - nearly 550 yards of sportweight yarn. LOVELY and OH SO SOFT this is. And it helped me with making a dent in my stash! I have this goal to use what is in the stash without buying more unless a project truly warranted the buy!

I was given some absolutely stunning baby Mohair that was handpainted in greens, golds, browns, blues and this also used some handdyed Cormo that was in the stash...result was 244 yds of lovely sportweight yarn...
My little one wanted to learn to needle felt so I picked what I thought was an easy project - a pumpkin! Well, I finished mine, she lost interest after poking herself too many times and breaking 2 needles. But it was fun to needle felt together.
And a goat friend in TN ordered two felted stockings from me for Christmas. here is stocking #1 - not quite finished but oh am I having fun doing this. I don't know why I don't do more because I really LOVE needle felting - painting with wool. I sure wish I had a lot of time and money because I have ideas just pouring out!!!! Better get to work and get MORE projects cranked out.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Yarn - FINALLY!

I am Finally spinning again - It's been WAAAAAAAY too long so now I"m in a serious creative phase again - there is not enough time in the day. This is 350 (or more really!) yards of 2ply yarn from Silver CVM and Silk dyed in emerald green/Violet and Turqoise. It is for sale but if someone doesn't snap this up I may have to use it in a weaving project it is so pretty. $35.00 +Shipping.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The OTHER new scarf.

This is the last of the 3 scarves I recently worked on - still have some beading to do. This one I am having trouble getting a good picture of it. It is Coral dyed silk scarf with light purple, green, orange, and tan merino wool felted over a silk threat that was laid on in squiggle pattern. I will try to get a better picture but not sure if I can.
This does show some detail a little better but not much. These aren't colors I normally would pick or wear myself but the fact is - I LOVE THIS scarf. It also so happened that it worked for the Color Challenge our guild did - the display will go to CONVERGENCE a Fiber Arts Conference being held in Albuquerque, NM this year (they are online if anyone wants to check it out - just type in Convergence Albuquerque and it should come up) I've heard rumors that this is THE Fiber event to end all Fiber Events - classes, vendors, demos etc. SIGH!

Harvey House Show - Opening Day Part 2

Here are some of the other exhibits from Harvey House. The local quilting quilt has a ton of beautiful quilts (This one and the next one are two of my favorites but there are so many gorgeous quilts you'll just have to go see for yourself!!!!
Especially this one - the Patchwork quilt has some of the most incredible embroidry on it I've EVER seen. REALLY, this picture doesn't even come close to showing the incredibly work that went into this quilt.
More yarn, Hats, Wheat Weaving and other Fibery Goodness!
And last but most certainly NOT least are two of the most talented folks I've ever met - the silk painters. These two ladies - Linda Walters and Sheri Reckers are incredible. I wish I could show you up close the GORGEOUS pieces they have.
These two costumes (Diamas on the left by Sheri and the blue/gold gown on the right by Linda) are stunning. They were for a sewing competition by Bernina (that will no longer be held sadly enough) I walked in to see these two and my jaw dropped. I love costumes and would so love to do costuming but yeah - who has time! Kudos for these talented ladies - they were 3 that were in the competition from the Albuquerque Area and this was an international competition - they were finalists. I'd give them blue ribbons both!!!!
Talent Talent Talent!!!!!!