Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A few New items

Here is a hat and purse I just finished. I'd like to say that they match but they don't. I couldn't find the red that the purse was made from so bought another red for the hat and they are different colors - the purse is a darker red than the hat which is more Cherry! Still, they turned out cute. I did sell a hat at an Arts and Crafts Fair 2 weekends ago - amazinly enough for the weather was in the 70s and these are WOOL! I have several hats up in Colorado for a show this weekend so hopefully they also will sell. The weather up there is MUCH colder!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NEW Yarn

I just can't stop spinning. Here are 4 of the latest skeins of Yarn. A friend thinks this is Shetland wool = it was given to me in roving with no tags or anything. It is heathered brown. I spun up two skeins of single ply, then I took a workshop on spinning a few weekends ago and learned to spin thinner yarn so I did and then learned to ply. The two skeins on the right are 2 ply and turned out great - HMMM, what to do with this yarn??????
Will keep you all updated on what comes from this. I am spinning some stuff now that I hate. I will ply it and see what comes of it. It is making bumpy yarn all on its' own and it is very course. I am in the process of buying some Border Leicester/Cheviot cross wool right now. I am having so much fun spinning the different types of fiber to learn. No complaints.

MORE Gourds for Fall

Here are Several new gourds I've done recently. The sunflower birdhouse, the leaf bowl, the hummingbird christmas ornament, sunflower christmas ornament and a leaf birdhouse.
These are just some samples of what I'm doing. They are made using a woodburning tool and leather dyes. I LOVE the sunflower christmas ornament and the leaf bow. The leaf birdhouse isn't done yet. I still have to stain it and put the "coating" over it. These are NOT weatherproofed and are for decoration only. Christmas ornaments will run $15.00 and the the bowls and birdhouses (these aren't very big) run between $40 and $60. Hope you enjoy my gourdart!.

Monday, November 12, 2007

A Few More Felted Critters

Here is a needle felted Nigerian Dwarf goat and a needle felted "tye-die" teddy bear in greens, purples and pink. Both are available for $15 each.
Thank you for looking

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Needle Felted Angora Goat

Here's the newest needle felted angora goat - this one is sold but you can see it better than the other one. I've gotta make these bigger! I will be adding a teddy bear and a Nigerian goat soon to the post. These are available by order only for $15.00