Friday, September 26, 2008

Horse Quilt top.

I recently finished this quilt top - I started it about 7 years ago or so. I did one for my son that has John Deere tractors and one that is for my daughter that is horses. Unfortunately a lot can change in 7 years - she doesn't like horses anymore! Boohoo.
The top is finished and I will work on finishing it up over the winter. I will put it up for sale to buy material for another quilt more to her liking (and more mature tastes.) If anyone is interested in the quilt please contact me at Top only will be $100. Once it is done it will go up for auction on ComeToTheFarm. If you want it finished before I put it up for auction it will be $200.

Netted Scarf

Recently I finished this netted scarf, this was sooo easy a project but for some reason it gave me a heck time - Had to frog this like 4 times. But alas it is done.
It is in turquoise and purple silk and viscose. It has lovely fringe and is very classy looking if you can ignore the few mistakes. I love this scarf and just need an occassion and an outfit to wear it with LOL!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chocolate on My Blue Silk Dress and Molly

I just don't seem to be able to stop spinning. Quite a while back I had my friend Terry order me this Bamboo/Angelina from an Etsy store ( and I just now got around to spinning the luscious stuff. And for once I actually have a project in mind for it. A beautiful netted Tunic sweater (which means now I have to get off my duff and learn to knit sweaters.
Here it is spun by itself. It is soooo shiney it reflects the light in the most amazing way. I wish the sweater was done but first I have to spin a bunch of Molly - the Ramboulliet/Merino wool I bought from my dear friend Wendy. I love this combo. It is so soft and silky it is amazing.
Here is the first skein prewash. It is 2 ply sportweight and is lovely stuff for a scrumptious sweater for the winter. (yeah, knowing me - next winter. BUT I digress. I loved this stuff and still have plenty of Molly left so I ordered two more batts of Chocolate on My Blue Silk Dress from Butterflygirldesigns. IF you are bored and LOVE handmade drop spindles - go check out her store - you won't be dissappointed - besides, if drop spindles aren't your thing - she has some beautiful spinning batts as well. Keep posted to see if ever make it to getting my sweater done - in the meantime I may just have to sleep with the soft stuff.