Monday, April 21, 2008

Johnny Jump Ups Done!

I finally got my first skein of Johnny Jump Ups done. I am going to be doing another run of it. YIPPEE.
These pics are terrible. I tried to get a good picture. Anyway. I believe it made around 290 yards. I will likely put this one up for sale - as my friend said - it is a process project. I just wanted to dye, spin, and triple ply - Success. I will be washing it this week.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Johnny Jump Up Continued - Spinning

1, 2, 3. Here we go - I am spinning my rovings. The next pic will hopefully be of the finished 3-ply yarn. I think the yellow is a bit brighter than I had originally wanted but it's what i have and I've been doing it all myself for a learning experience. I have learned so much.

Johnny Jump Ups!

So, I got an incredible idea from spring flowers (yeah - I know this is not original but I still want to see it through) I had the two purples dyed so I dyed a bit of roving yellow - and I am spinning up three bobbins and will triple ply it. I love spring and it will be fun to take something from start to finish. White roving, dying it myself, and now spinning and then plying.
This is SOOOOOO much fun.

Spinning Silk

I am finally getting some spinning done. Our super friend Sue taught another Saturday spinning class for our Bosque Farms Fiber Addicts (BFFA)or is it Best Fiber Friends Always. Anyway! We learned to spin silk from hankies and roving (and caps though I haven't done that yet because I want to dye my cap/bell BEFORE I spin it). I am soooo hooked. I really like spinning silk. It really is fun. I thought it was HARD but it doesn't seem too hard to me and it is stunningly beautiful once spun.

Monday, April 7, 2008

HAHA attempt at Navajo Plying.

I like new challenges - I tried my hand a Navajo plying with some hand - dyed Brown Sheep Co. Roving. I think it looks better in this picture than in person. I really enjoyed learning but wow did I make a lot of booboos. I am think this will be knit and then made into a pillow cover (felted) so you can't see the boo boos! By the end I think I did get the hang of it. Right now I'm working on spinning a yarn of my own creation (yeah - not really) that is two shades of purple and yellow - Johnny Jump ups were the spring inspiration. Can't wait. Also learned to spin silk - oh am I hooked. Next it's Bamboo - wait to you all see this stuff - it's incredible.