Monday, October 5, 2009

Taos Wool Festival

This past weekend was Taos Wool Festival, I was able to catch a ride with some of the girls (Terri, Wendy and Myra) from my Bosque Farms fiber posse and the most wonderful chauffeur there is - George, Terri's wonderful hubby. Those of you who visited my blog last year know I came home with a LOT of stuff last year. I scrimped and saved and had the most fun blowing a wad I've ever had. This year, not so much. Between medical bills, loosing my cleaning gig and saving up for some trips I didn't have much to spend and my goal was mostly to get stuff for projects for christmas or for Christmas presents. So off to Taos I went as a tagalong. Okay, so I could not help spending a little bit o money but really - I did good. From top right to bottom left is my new treasure pile: the bag on top left is 40z of BFL roving for spinning called Tapestry - I just love spinning BFL so this was a WANT!!! Next is a 2.5lb cone of ?? tan for warping my loom - I've got a few christmas presents in mind for this and at a whopping $1 per lb. I didn't feel like I'd go over budget on this one!!! Next is the cone of salmon colored perle cotton - a little more expensive but it is for Christmas presents afterall. Underneath is Alpaca roving - felting projects in mind for this - I bought some of 3 different colorways: ?? River Valley, Thin Mints and Fudge (are you seeing a theme here? ) from LonesomeStone Alpacas. LOVE it!
I couldn't help but take pics of some of the critters there as well.
These are the two Pygoras (or Nigoras).

The baby alpacas - oh, if only I could bring one of these precious babies home with me.....(well, actually 2 since they need a buddy-)

And these two woolies I thought were babyAngoras but they had blue eyes so I'm not sure they were purebred but oh the soft fleece these two have - melt!!!
They were so precious I wouldn't have minded loading them up and taking them home. Thanks
girls for letting me tag along and play with you in Taos!!!!