Monday, June 23, 2008

Indigo Blues

Our Fiber Guild put on an Indigo Dying workshop this past Saturday. Soooo, I took a skein of white Alpaca I had and a silk cap I had sitting around. We wore our old clothes and learned the history of Indigo and how to process it. (Yeah, I kind of felt a tad OUT of my league here) Also had a tour of Jaye's beautiful dye garden (darn I left my camara at home -so if you want to see you'll have to visit SpinKitty or TerriKnitsAnd blogspots to see
what other goodies there were to see) Here is the finished product
the silk cap and the beautiful skein of blue Alpaca. Beautiful Stuff.

NEW Fiber - Thank you Linda Lee!!!

Like a kid in a candy store when this fiber came. Linda Lee at sold me this incredible eye candy aka Silk Handpainted Hankies for spinning. There is 10 grams of Promise (yes - more Black Alpaca/rainbow silk on the way) and about 30 of Hankie Pankie (the purple/pink/blue) plus some tempting tencel and merino....and a little tickler of Tulips (yellow, light blue, light green, coral) Too much fun stuff so little time!!!!!!Thank you again Linda Lee for tempting me into MORE beautiful fiber. I'll be busy spinning up a storm.

Merino/Bamboo - Autumn Browns

I bought 4 oz of custom carded/dyed bamboo in shades of chocolate brown, red and gold. I spun a lot of it up and then plyed it with some yummy Merino/Ramboulliet. This is some of the softest yummiest yarn yet. (WELL - almost - the alpaca/silk is mighty soft) I wish the colors really came through BUT you can
click on the picture and you can see more detail as the picture will enlarge. There is a lot more yarn here than I thought I'd get and it is fairly thin. Still not sure what it will be but I'll let you all know when it decides to be something!!!! The Bamboo came from and the Merino/Ramb. came from my friend Wendy's ewe Molly. LOVELY stuff ladies!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mystery Fiber Day - REVEALED

IF you guessed I was caught red handed dying with Koolaid - you were right!!! Here are a sampling of the beautiful colors of wool my 4 year old and I dyed in our day together. I think we both had a ton of fun and want to do this again. wonder if we could get the 14yo and 10 yo's interested???? Who knows - Buy stock in Koolaid - this won't be our last time - My favorites are the purples and blue/greens. YUMMY!!!!!We dyed Brown Sheep Co wool top, BFL/Cheviot and some mystery wool I was given, and a bit of Terri's Mohair (in cherry red!!!) Can't wait to card and spin this stuff. Oh yeah, did I mention it smells yummy - when we were done, we sat back and had a nice cold glass of ........Cherry Koolaid - perfect end to a perfect fiber day with the kiddo.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What in the World Am I Up to?

YEP - you caught me RED handed (Bwahaha) doing something today....
What does a Fiber Artist do when she is blessed with a day at home with only the 4 year old at home to HELP out? AND and inspirational visit from a fellow Fiber Junkie? Take a lucky guess!!!!
Also - For a hint check out ! You can see what one of the local Bosque Farms Fiber Addicts is up to!

I've been BAMBOOzled

Not really - I began spinning one of my two new batts of Bamboo at the Fiber Farm Tour. WOWZA! This is Chocolate Liquer (spelling is wrong sorry!) from Loop at and it is stunning. I wish the spun up pic was better. My plan is to 2ply with some yummy Merino from my wonderful friend Wendy and her sheep Molly. This is gonna be some serious eye candy.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fiber Farm Tour

Forgot my camara but I had memorable day at the Fiber Farm tour in Edgewood/East Mountain area. Judy Tucker and Lora Kniffin at Prairie Wood Ranch invited me out to be a part of the tour and sell my goat milk soaps and yarn/ finished projects. Sounds like it was a success ALL the way around. It was so fun meeting so many Fiber folks, talking to people about their critters and demonstrating spinning. Also had the chance to help Lora sell one of her goats who I KNOW got a new GREAT home with Laughing Orca Ranch (see link on my Cornerstonenigerians blog). Lisa took home a beautiful blue eyed Mini Mancha who I think will be a real asset to her farm. Can't wait until Lisa is up to her elbows in milk and cheese!
Next year I'll remember my camara and take pics of the fiber and all the kids enjoying the baby goats including Judy's new Angora Caleb. So EXCITING!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prism Yarn

Okay - not the best picture. This is the newest yarn. I plied 2 strands of Black Alpaca (from Phineas at FourPines Alpacas in Los Lunas) and one ply of rainbow dyed silk from I LOVE the rainbow dyed silk. Wish i'd bought more of that one. BTW - for those of you who like to spin from Hankies - I hightly recommend Linda Lee's AWESOME custom dyed hankies. They are BIG and the dying she does is really unique. I am going to throw this in the wash and I will get another picture when the skein is finished. She's super nice to work with too!!!! Thank you Linda and Mary - I really appreciate your "contributions" to my Fiber addiction. Also another plug for Mary at Four Pines - she gave our 4H kids a bunch of fiber for their newest project - they learned to make wet felted pieces so if I have a chance to finish soon I will take pictures and put them up.