Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prism Yarn

Okay - not the best picture. This is the newest yarn. I plied 2 strands of Black Alpaca (from Phineas at FourPines Alpacas in Los Lunas) and one ply of rainbow dyed silk from I LOVE the rainbow dyed silk. Wish i'd bought more of that one. BTW - for those of you who like to spin from Hankies - I hightly recommend Linda Lee's AWESOME custom dyed hankies. They are BIG and the dying she does is really unique. I am going to throw this in the wash and I will get another picture when the skein is finished. She's super nice to work with too!!!! Thank you Linda and Mary - I really appreciate your "contributions" to my Fiber addiction. Also another plug for Mary at Four Pines - she gave our 4H kids a bunch of fiber for their newest project - they learned to make wet felted pieces so if I have a chance to finish soon I will take pictures and put them up.


Terri said...

That is lovely. You are getting soooo good! Whatcha gonna make?


D. said...

Thank you so much sweetie!
I don't know yet!!!!!! I still have a ton of Black Alpaca left so
I may just do some more 2 ply - I may buy some more silk from Lindalee if I can get some!!!!!
I love hers.