Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Johnny Jump Ups - WASHED!

Amazingly enough this is Johnny Jump Ups POST washing.
Skein one is the largest at 290yds. It is 3 ply and washed out to a pretty shades of purple with some greenish hues. Skein two is only a two ply of lilac and yellow which turned an almost mossy green with some purples total lenght is 256.8 yards.Skein 3 is what was left of the triple ply of the lilac, violet and yellow which for some reason turned a lighter shade of the purples/green - total yardage is 139.75. Odd that all of this came of the same dye lot - Ya never know what is going to happen! I guess that is the fun of this - the unpredictablility! I am going to wash the Purple Haze today and see what happens.

Monday, May 19, 2008

NEW Novelty yarn.

Okay, so my artistic brain has been working overtime. I bought some lovely BFL/Cheviot cross wool from Lisa at Sommerhill Farm. I drum carded it with some dyed BFL lock (also from Lisa) and some Purple Flash Angelina. I spun up the batts (well, not all of them YET!) and then plyed with some beautiful purple silk I spun at our spinning silk workshot not too long ago. I LOVE this stuff. I haven't even taken it off the Niddy Noddy yet but it's beautiful stuff - I WANT MORE!!!!! I will be calling it Purple Haze. No Fiber addiction issues here - really! Johnny Jump Up is being washed right now, YES I finally finished spinning it and plying it. I wound up with 2 triple ply and found myself with quite a bit of yellow and lilac left so I double plied it and it's also in the wash. Pics later when it's all washed and dried.
BTW, I was given a niddy noddy and a Lazy Kate for Mother's day and I am buying some brown alpaca so look for a lot more fun novelty yarn coming your way. We will be at Prairie Wood Ranch for the East Mountain Fiber Farm tour the first weekend in June. We will have Fiber, finished products, goat milk soaps and will be spinning and maybe some needle felting while we are there.