Friday, September 28, 2007

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW

Happy Birthday to ME! The new wheel is here and the old wheel
is being retired to "decoration" status. It is an antique and it belonged to my best friend's grandma so it is staying unless one of them wants it (grandma or best friend) but won't be used. It is a neat wheel but limited in what I can do with it. Soooooo, the new wheel will take it's place. It is an Ashford Scholar. Ashford doesn't make it any more but it's a beauty, easy to use and they still make the parts for it (Thank goodness!) I will be able to ply my yarn and it's treadle folds up easily for portability so I can go to my spining group/Fiber guild meetings easily with spinning wheel in tow. Couldn't do that very well with the other one. Plus it is so nice to store. Can't wait to start spinning LOTS of yarn!!!
God is GOOD!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

NEW - Felted Wool Pins

Here are my two newest projects - felted/beaded pins (lapel, brooch, hat) What fun that was to make. Now I have ideas just bouncing through my brain - If only there were more hours in the day to do all the fun stuff I'd Like to do!!! Anyway, check back often since I will be doing a lot more of these little gems.
I am trying to convince my kids to do them too since they are so fun and easy. So far no luck. My daughter is too busy learning to be a computer geek and my son would rather kill an imaginary enemy with his imaginary weapons. I don't think the 4yo is ready for this - needles are too sharp but we will be working on her learning to knit this winter. Gotta go work on one of my UFOs !

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Little Needle Felted Nigie

Here is my second needle felted Nigerian Dwarf goat (yes, she has a little udder too but you can't see it). I am working on another little Angora as we speak. I still don't like this one as well but will keep working on them. I want to do Pygmy goats and maybe even Alpacas etc. Dee's Menagerie. I just can't keep them around long enough to actually take a picture of more than one!! This one is sold and heading to Colorado.

My first skein of yarn

Well, I finally did it - I spun my first yarn on my old creaky in bad shape wheel. i wanted to finish it before the new wheel gets here tomorrow and I spun the last of it today. It's lumpy bumpy curli Q-y but it's my first. My plan is to use the yarn to make a triangle weave purse. This stuff should look really cool felted so I am hoping to get a small purse with and I Cord handle.
Fun Stuff!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Goatie Gourds

These are the latest gourds. The first picture is a trophy for the SWNDGC State Fair show. the second will be used as a prize as well but it is a pair of earrings (post style) and pin. I will be making many more of these for sale.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

MORE Hats!

I have to thank my kids for being my "hat heads" for pictures. Here are 3 hats made from Lion Brand Suede yarn. This stuff feels amazing (even though I usually hate working in "un-natural" fibers) It is so soft. I've made 4 hats out of Ecru and Chocolate or a mix thereof. Three of the hats have sold already! I'm working on another one now. It should be done by end of today and is Ecru. This yarn was given to me so normally I wouldn't have bought it but this was a good thing to have fall in my lap, it is very soft and warm.....Great for winter! I have one more hat not pictured that is purple and black cotton. Hope to get it up this week too!

The Finished Shawl

Here is the finished Shawl with the peacock colored hat. The Shawl is made out of Lion brand Ribbon yarn in Copper Penny. I love the "fall" colors in it. The Peacock hat is made out of Cascade 220 "Heathers" in peacock blue. It is light in weight than most of the hats I've made from the Brown Sheep Co. wool/mohair blend. I love that it is 100% Peruvian Merino so it is still very soft without the Mohair.