Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Grey Felted Alpaca Hat

This is a hat that my sister in law ordered (Thank you Megan!) It is a charcoal grey felted Alpaca hat. I bought 600 yards of Prime Alpaca in Charcoal. I crocheted it double stranded for a little more bulk and it is sooooo nice and soft. I'm so excited about this as I've never worked in Alpaca before. It fuzzes a little differently from the Wool/Mohair I've been using but it is so much softer than anything I've worked with. I think I like working in Alpaca. Good think since my next project is that OZZY scarf out of Ozzy the Alpaca's Auburn wool!

Grey Hat out of 100% Angora Rabbit

This picture is kind of dark but it is of an 100% Angora rabbit hat crochet for a friend of mine. She asked if I could make this hat and sent me her rabbit hair, already spun. This is the finished product. She requested a "flapper" style hat so here it is Jeannie!!!It turned out pretty good considering I was pretty worried at a certain point because the brim kept curling. Once I added the weight pulled it down and the brim did what it was supposed to do. It is on it's way to Colorado as I write this.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby Hat

I just finished crocheting this baby hat for a friend's baby. I LOVE this yarn color. It's a variegated pastel cotton that I bought after Christmas. The little flower is holding up the brim which is slightly "ruffled" but you can't see that. I wish I had a baby to model the hat! I have some yarn leftover that I may try to do a newborn hat out of. I also started last night Knitting a scarf out of "OZZY" an auburn alpaca yarn. I found the pattern of Isle of misfit patterns and it's a lacy scarf with a leaf pattern on it. I will hopefully be posting a picture of the scarf and Ozzy, my favorite Alpaca at FourPines Alpacas here in Los Lunas. Thank you Mary for letting me have first dibs on Ozzy's yarn!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Alyssa's Mitts

My daughter seems to have caught the knitting bug as well. She wanted to make a pair of fingerless gloves as her second project. She chose a chocolate brown wool (can't remember the brand) in worsted weight and turned out these little mitts in less than a week while learning the stockinette and rib stitches. Way too Go! Now she is on to a pair of leg warmers that match her mitts in Chocolate brown worsted weight Wool-Ease by Lion brand Yarn.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Little Red Purse

This is the before and after shots of a felted purse I recently finished. It is knitted in the garter stitch (I finally learned how to decrease!) on size 8 circular needles. The yarn is Top of the Lamb from Brown Sheep Company (I LOVE their yarn). It is already sold and somewhere in California. I sure enjoyed knitting this purse. I am hoping to do another one for myself one of these days soon - probably not it red. The clasp is a black bead held on with a red bead. Not too shabby for my first purse.

Set Up at Harvey House Fiber Show

This is my display at the Harvey House Museum in Belen for the annual fiber show. It features quilters, fiber artists, needlepoint, rug hooking and silk painting. I have a set up with my felted hats, scarves, crocheted washclothes, goat's milk soaps and some beading.
Everything is for sale here.

Monday, February 5, 2007

An Early Gourd

This is one of my first gourd birdhouses done in a hummingbird design. I've done a lot of these recently for orders and changed my design to have more color in it using leather dyes and wood stains. This one is in acrylic paint with a clear coating on it. Most of these are meant for decoration - not functional! Since this one I've done, horses (woodburned and stained), goats, roadrunners, flowers, SouthWestern designs, and beehive. Currently I am doing a tulip bowl and Kokopellis. I've sold gourds from $15.00 up to $175. Depending on size, materials etc.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Crocheted and Felted Cherry Hat

This is one of my first projects. The hat is 100%Wool from Lamb's Pride in ultra Blue. The hat is crocheted in the round (Fiber Trends pattern) and then felted. After felting it is blocked on a styrofoam head and dries. Then I needle felted the cherries on it. I love making these hats. You'll see a lot of these posted on here. I usually sell these for $45.00 and up. This one isn't sold, runs smaller than most of mine and I reduced the price to $35.00. It is currently showing at a Fiber show in Belen, NM at the Harvey House Museum.

Fiber Phanatic

I have been looking for a place to journal about my adventures in Knitting, Crocheting, Gourd creations and what other crazy artistic endeavors I can dream up. I think I finally found my place. If you found this place, I'm honored you'd even bother looking at my feeble attempts at Fiber Creation and Gourd Art. I eventually hope to add things like weaving, beading, and rug making to the list but for now I will be posting pictures of my crocheted and felted hats, knitted and felted headbands, scarfs, purses and gourds. Everything I make is for sale. I rarely "hold onto" my creations. I create because I love to do it. I am more than happy to (more or less) make something similar to something sold if someone wants one. So, Welcome to my creative journey into Fiber and Gourd creations.