Friday, February 2, 2007

Fiber Phanatic

I have been looking for a place to journal about my adventures in Knitting, Crocheting, Gourd creations and what other crazy artistic endeavors I can dream up. I think I finally found my place. If you found this place, I'm honored you'd even bother looking at my feeble attempts at Fiber Creation and Gourd Art. I eventually hope to add things like weaving, beading, and rug making to the list but for now I will be posting pictures of my crocheted and felted hats, knitted and felted headbands, scarfs, purses and gourds. Everything I make is for sale. I rarely "hold onto" my creations. I create because I love to do it. I am more than happy to (more or less) make something similar to something sold if someone wants one. So, Welcome to my creative journey into Fiber and Gourd creations.

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