Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grey, Pink and Blue Nuno Felted Scarf

Here is the Grey, Pink and blue Angelina scarf! I love the way this turned out - SOOOOO Excited. We took it and the other one down to Harvey House for the remainder of the Fiber show!
Here is a good look at one of the hearts...

I beaded the edges with Silver lined bugles, Pink silverlined seeds and clear drops. I love the way this turned out and I hope it sells!!!!
I also found out while I was down at Harvey House that I've sold several skeins of yarn, a necklace and a couple of scarves. This has been my best HH show ever!!!! We still have 11/2 weeks left of the show and then we pick up the stuff on the weekend of March 7,

Another Nuno Felted Scarf!

Wow - the colors almost look garish on this scarf - REALLY it is not has horrible as it looks - the colors are way more subtle - I probably shouldn't have put this against so light a back ground. I do LOVE how this one turned out though. It is really a cinnamon colored scarf with dark blue, gold, gold angelina and maroon with a tiny bit of olive colored Mohair
I beaded the ends with a very subtle row of metallic rainbow beads that complement the colors of the scarf well. Sorry these photos don't really give you a good idea of how nice this scarf looks. I've got another one ALMOST done - it's light grey with little pink and blue flash hearts on it. (seriously it's cute - not horrible!). I've got TONS of ideas for MORE scarves so I'm goin to have to get to work - but first need to order more scarves - these two are the last two from the last batch I ordered - I may have to bite the bullet and order 10 this time instead of 5 - since they seem to be selling well - also Fiber Fiesta is coming up and I'd love to enter one and the South Mountain Fiber Farm Tour is coming up in April so I'd like to have several done for that as well.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I am learning to use my new toy - the rigid heddle loom.
Kat gave me some lovely warp to warp the loom and I began weaving after Terri showed me how to warp and get started. this is very small compared to where I'm at now!!!!

Close up of the woven part. Good thing this is just practice - I have made a TON of mistakes. Teacher Myra said she'd make me go back and correct them but I don't think so now - I've gotten about 2 ft done on the loom - not happening!!!! I don't mind the mistakes and I'll just use it as a table runner for me!

Cranberry Swirl Mohair/Wool Hat.

Here is my latest hat - It is another Wool/Mohair hat using Brown Sheep Co. yarn. i love this variegated yarn. It is really pretty. It looks more pink than red but it is really red with minimal pink on it. I love the way it turned out. It is for my Aunt in Nebraska. After I finished it last night I felted it - Nothing like a washer full of red fuzzies!!!!

I never know exactly how these hats will turn out - they are sometimes more fuzzy than others and sometimes the shaping is different even though I use the same darn pattern every time but this one turned out nearly perfect shape and VERY FUZZY!

You can really see the swirls in the Cranberry Swirl on this shot!

Monday, February 9, 2009

New Scarf

Another fun and funky Nuno Felted scarf. This one is a dark reddish purple with some brown, light lavender and teal wool or Mohair felted on. This one is more bunchy that the past ones and gives it a lot of texture and character - I also bought longer scarves this time and I really like the new length. I would love to get a BIG one and do a shawl but I have to pace myself a bit. I have 2 more to complete and an order I need to do now.
I beaded the ends with cool rainbowy(muted) bugles and seeds and then added some cube Swarovsky chrystals for some bling. the light lavender mohair adds a bit of shine and the BFL (teal) adds a lot of texture and "curly" feel to the scarf. I really like this one. It will go to Harvey House as soon as I can make it down there.

Monday, February 2, 2009

News from those in the KNOW!

I have it on good authority by one who witnessed the even that the beautiful (my favorite so far) scarf in Blue and Brown with swirls in SOLD. YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!! And by a lady who is quite the accomplished artist herself and does some of the most beautiful silk painted scarves I've ever seen (Thank you Cherie R!). What a compliment!!!!! I had a great compliment last year as well when a very very accomplished spinner/weaver bought some of my handspun yarn - and I was just a rank beginner!!!! Thanks TLG for the information - you made my day (week).

Blue and Brown Silk Nuno Felted Scarf

I know I posted this scarf sans the Nuno Felting but I finally finished it off. It has swirls of a matching blue wool that has some brown Angelina carded into it.
I really love the way this one turned out. I took it and a bunch of other things : yarn, another scarf and beaded jewelry down to Harvey House in Belen for our annual Fiber Show. This year it will run for 6 weeks instead of 4.

More detailed look at the swirls. I am hoping several of these sell. I have one more almost done and 3 more to work on. One is on order and I have a class I believe this coming weekend. Should be fun - I am really enjoying the artistic challenge these present - they are great though.
UPDATE: - the Lockerhooked rug is nearly 2/4 of the way done - I will get an updated picture up this week I hope. ACTUALLY I am hoping to get it done and out to HH in Belen to the show but we will see if that happens....LOL!