Monday, February 9, 2009

New Scarf

Another fun and funky Nuno Felted scarf. This one is a dark reddish purple with some brown, light lavender and teal wool or Mohair felted on. This one is more bunchy that the past ones and gives it a lot of texture and character - I also bought longer scarves this time and I really like the new length. I would love to get a BIG one and do a shawl but I have to pace myself a bit. I have 2 more to complete and an order I need to do now.
I beaded the ends with cool rainbowy(muted) bugles and seeds and then added some cube Swarovsky chrystals for some bling. the light lavender mohair adds a bit of shine and the BFL (teal) adds a lot of texture and "curly" feel to the scarf. I really like this one. It will go to Harvey House as soon as I can make it down there.

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D. said...

This scarf sold before it was offically up at the Harvey House this saturday - Thank you BJ and Pam!!!!