Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Due to some unfortunate circumstances of a friend I was able to get a small rigid heddle loom.

I would rather my friend be able to keep everything and go on - life as normal. But that isn't the case. I was planning on buying a similar loom this year anyhow if finances could be found but I was happy to be able to help out my friend too! But I told her she could have it back if her circumstances changed. SOOOOOO - tada here is the new rigid heddle loom. NOW - I have to learn how to use it....maybe she will begin teaching me today since we are getting together for a fiber processing afternoon!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RED PURPLE Nuno felted Scarf with beading

This is the latest Nuno Felted scarf. It is a reddish purple dyed silk Chiffon scarf with purple/pink/brown wool and mohair felted onto it. It is beaded with brown metallic and lavender silverlined beads. These pictures just don't get the details I want despite using the new camara (I'm still learning!!!!!)
Another view - I love the color combos on this scarf. You can see some of the shine from the purple/pink/lilac Mohair on this view but darn if those beads just don't show up as much as I'd like.

Here is the scarf before beading and felting. This scarf is already sold but I have an order of scarves on their way and will probably try to make a similar one.
I will be nuno felting the brown and blue one tomorrow so I will be posting pics of it soon.

FARMDAY is finished. FINALLY

Here is the final product of FARMDAY - after what felt like months of spinning (probably only about a month on and off) I finally finished all 500 + yards of this very lovely stuff. After washing it, it muted a bit and I REALLY like the finished product. The colors are beautiful.
Notice it almost looks nothing like what I originally spun. It is a two ply - the first skein is around 300 yards and the 2nd skein is slightly less that the first so it is over 200 yards but less than 300. I am putting it up for sale because while I have a project in mind for it, I think I like the BFL better that I will start spinning next week for that project. If it doesn't sell then I'll use it eventually!!!! IT is handdyed Brown Sheep Co. Roving 100% Wool Top.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lockerhooked Rug - 1/2 done

This is actually a little more than half done but you can really see the goat and the mountains taking shape. It is made out of different kinds of wool - I WISH you could see the color of the goat as it is the prettiest shade of dark turqouise blue over dark grey wool. The brown on the mountains is a cinnamon colored Alpaca.....I cannot wait until this is done. All of the wool on this run is (I am proud to say) Locally grown in the middleRioGrande Valley of NM. So when this is done I can say it is a totally NM product!!!!!


Here are two of the scarves that I've been making. Both are handdyed
and the brown one is stitched with handspun, indigo dyed silk and then beaded with matching beads and crystals. I plan on Nuno felting this one for sure.

This one is hand-dyed Turquoise, and hand beaded with turqoise and gold beads. I am not sure if I'm going to Nuno felt this one or not. I do have another one I just finished Nuno felting and then will bead as soon as I can ...I will get pictures of it before it goes to it's new home as I LOVE the colors and want to "copy" it somewhat - at least the color combo!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I HAVE been working!

I know it's hard to believe that i actually am doing stuff! I have been working a lot on the other blog but i'm actually spinning and crafting too! These are all of the skeins of Chocolate on My Blue Silk Dress (thanks, Butterflygirldesigns.Etsy.Com) and Brown Merino/Ramboulliet cross from Molly (Thanks Wendy of JayWen Enterprises)
This is what I'm spinning on my loaner Louet (Thanks Jeannie of Darkwind Ranch) the awesome stuff I dyed not to long ago. While I've had a lot of suggestions, the one that most fits the Colorway was by Terri - FARMDAY - soooo perfect. Brown dirt, Green Crops and Blue Sky. Sounds like a perfect day on the farm to me....sigh, I wanna move to a bigger place and really farm.......but for now I'll be content on my little 1/2 acre farmette. (HA - like I need anymore work to do).
Here is a necklace I created (lots of great comments on this when I've worn it) Again, the photo just doesn't do it justice (new camara is really needed as Terri keeps pointing out to me) I wish I had a better photo of it. It is Dichroic glass, Czech Firepolish, Gold spacers and Crystal Bicones. PRETTY. This will actually be for sale once I get the Etsy store up and running but if you want it - let me know ASAP.

cool Nuno Felted Scarf

Okay, seeing these pictures is making me want a new camars (LISA - I know how you feel girl!) I think this scarf is soooo cool but shoot you can't really see the details clearly and it just doesn't look the same. It is pretty, this is one of the ones that sold.
I need to get pics of the two that AREN"T sold and post them too and then i'll be doing a new one tomorrow.

Kind of a longer view - what you can't see is the cool beading on the ends, and the angelina and mohair has some sheen/shine to it. Just doesn't do this scarf justice.