Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RED PURPLE Nuno felted Scarf with beading

This is the latest Nuno Felted scarf. It is a reddish purple dyed silk Chiffon scarf with purple/pink/brown wool and mohair felted onto it. It is beaded with brown metallic and lavender silverlined beads. These pictures just don't get the details I want despite using the new camara (I'm still learning!!!!!)
Another view - I love the color combos on this scarf. You can see some of the shine from the purple/pink/lilac Mohair on this view but darn if those beads just don't show up as much as I'd like.

Here is the scarf before beading and felting. This scarf is already sold but I have an order of scarves on their way and will probably try to make a similar one.
I will be nuno felting the brown and blue one tomorrow so I will be posting pics of it soon.

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