Monday, October 27, 2008


Lockerhooking is a fiber art I've been wanting to learn practically since I began my fiber arts adventure. I have been doing so many other things that I sort of put it on the backburner. This Oct I was able to head up North to the Taos Wool Festival (sooo much fun!!!!) and there was a vendor there teaching folks to Lockerhook. After about 10 minutes watching her, I took the plunge and bought a kit that included all the tools needed, a book and then an extra yard of hooking canvas. Wahoo - on my way to a new adventure!!! So I took some time a completed the project in the kit which was a trivet. This is soooo easy! So I decided a BIGGER project was in order and I drew the background and have been getting the roving ready for hooking. I am seriously thinking a lockerhooking class is in order too! I think come the new year I will set a locker hooking class or two. INDEED! I will post photos of the project soon. I just got soooo excited about finally getting to learn something that I've been wanting to do and what a great way to be able to use up some rovings that I don't really want to use for clothing and some of my rather overspun or loosely spun beginner skeins of yarn - NOTHING needs to go to waste.
Keep posted for more Fiber Adventures - Lockerhooking supplies weren't the only things I bought up in Taos!!!! Besides - i am trying to destash or use my stash and not buy anything unless is will "get rid" of stuff I already have. Yep - lots of fibery adventures to be had.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tye Dye Silk Scarf - DONE!

This is the beaded fringe added to the Turquoise Silk Scarf. I couldn't post this until I gave it to my friend so here it is. It is beaded with brown frosted seed beads and Turquoise Silver lined bugles. I LOVE the way it turned out. Thankfully she loved it too. I also made an ankle bracelet to go with it. But also used magenta fire polish with silver and turquoise fire polish and black beads - darn if I didn't get a picture of that one. STORY of my life!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Felted Wool Hat

I'm sure after reading most of the previous posts most of you are surprised to see something not turquoise or brown or a combination thereof! I just finished this felted wool/Mohair blend hat (again using my favorite Brown Sheep Co. wool blend). In Ink Blue with a rusty red border. This too I feel is BORING so I am planning on some imbellishing and/or cool hat band. Not sure yet. But, nevertheless, here it is! It is available. I have two orders waiting for me now that I need to get hot on so this one will take a backseat until the orders are done. SIGH! Never enough time in the day to do everything.

Tye Dye Scarf

Okay, this isn't done. I want to embellish this little gem a bit. But this is the tye dye scarf that went into the pot after the silk. It is sooooo pretty. I have it in mind for someone whose Birthday is next week - I hope I get it done in time!!!!!

And the Color is.......

This may not come as any surprise to those of you who know me well. But yes, turquoise is the color. Thankfully I was able to get some dyeing advice from the dye expert at Village Wools (Thank you!) My intention was to ply this with chocolate brown alpaca but my friend Terri suggest something else and I'm pretty sure that is what I will do......A lace shawl out of the single! I bet it will be gorgeous! (Thank you Terri!) My dyepot was no where near exhausted (this doesn't take much time in the pot) so I threw in a Chiffon Scarf I purchased from Dharma Trading Co. I tye dyed it and I LOVE IT. See next post!

Anohter Spinning Project....

Quite a while back I purchased 4oz of Tussah silk roving. I had no idea at the time exactly how far that would go but I began spinning a thin single. After about a week I finished the first skein. And I still had a lot left to spin. Sooooo, after nearly another week (not quite) I finished two skeins of the most beautiful, thin, silk skeins. And then I began to dream about COLORS. What to make this luscious stuff? I know some of you know what this turned out to be (colorwise) but the rest of you will have to wait to see......
I bought this beautiful batt of bamboo and angelina in brown and turquoise. This stuff is so beautiful with lost of shine. It is from
I really enjoy spinning bamboo and seeing how the yarn turns out.
Here is is being spun up into a single. My intention is to ply with some of the soft Merino/Ramboulliet wool I have from my friend Wendy's sheep Molly. Love Molly. She has a nice staple length and some very soft fiber.

Here is the spun yarn. It sure made a lot of yarn but I haven't been able to find the time to count and find out the exact yardage yet. My plan is to make a jacket out of it. I do not have enough so I ordered to more batts from Butterflygirldesigns and have lots of Molly since I purchased a pound of her fiber and have been spinning it VERY thin.
Can't wait until I have a lovely jacket to wear!