Monday, October 27, 2008


Lockerhooking is a fiber art I've been wanting to learn practically since I began my fiber arts adventure. I have been doing so many other things that I sort of put it on the backburner. This Oct I was able to head up North to the Taos Wool Festival (sooo much fun!!!!) and there was a vendor there teaching folks to Lockerhook. After about 10 minutes watching her, I took the plunge and bought a kit that included all the tools needed, a book and then an extra yard of hooking canvas. Wahoo - on my way to a new adventure!!! So I took some time a completed the project in the kit which was a trivet. This is soooo easy! So I decided a BIGGER project was in order and I drew the background and have been getting the roving ready for hooking. I am seriously thinking a lockerhooking class is in order too! I think come the new year I will set a locker hooking class or two. INDEED! I will post photos of the project soon. I just got soooo excited about finally getting to learn something that I've been wanting to do and what a great way to be able to use up some rovings that I don't really want to use for clothing and some of my rather overspun or loosely spun beginner skeins of yarn - NOTHING needs to go to waste.
Keep posted for more Fiber Adventures - Lockerhooking supplies weren't the only things I bought up in Taos!!!! Besides - i am trying to destash or use my stash and not buy anything unless is will "get rid" of stuff I already have. Yep - lots of fibery adventures to be had.

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