Thursday, October 2, 2008

I bought this beautiful batt of bamboo and angelina in brown and turquoise. This stuff is so beautiful with lost of shine. It is from
I really enjoy spinning bamboo and seeing how the yarn turns out.
Here is is being spun up into a single. My intention is to ply with some of the soft Merino/Ramboulliet wool I have from my friend Wendy's sheep Molly. Love Molly. She has a nice staple length and some very soft fiber.

Here is the spun yarn. It sure made a lot of yarn but I haven't been able to find the time to count and find out the exact yardage yet. My plan is to make a jacket out of it. I do not have enough so I ordered to more batts from Butterflygirldesigns and have lots of Molly since I purchased a pound of her fiber and have been spinning it VERY thin.
Can't wait until I have a lovely jacket to wear!

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