Sunday, January 31, 2010

The OTHER new scarf.

This is the last of the 3 scarves I recently worked on - still have some beading to do. This one I am having trouble getting a good picture of it. It is Coral dyed silk scarf with light purple, green, orange, and tan merino wool felted over a silk threat that was laid on in squiggle pattern. I will try to get a better picture but not sure if I can.
This does show some detail a little better but not much. These aren't colors I normally would pick or wear myself but the fact is - I LOVE THIS scarf. It also so happened that it worked for the Color Challenge our guild did - the display will go to CONVERGENCE a Fiber Arts Conference being held in Albuquerque, NM this year (they are online if anyone wants to check it out - just type in Convergence Albuquerque and it should come up) I've heard rumors that this is THE Fiber event to end all Fiber Events - classes, vendors, demos etc. SIGH!

Harvey House Show - Opening Day Part 2

Here are some of the other exhibits from Harvey House. The local quilting quilt has a ton of beautiful quilts (This one and the next one are two of my favorites but there are so many gorgeous quilts you'll just have to go see for yourself!!!!
Especially this one - the Patchwork quilt has some of the most incredible embroidry on it I've EVER seen. REALLY, this picture doesn't even come close to showing the incredibly work that went into this quilt.
More yarn, Hats, Wheat Weaving and other Fibery Goodness!
And last but most certainly NOT least are two of the most talented folks I've ever met - the silk painters. These two ladies - Linda Walters and Sheri Reckers are incredible. I wish I could show you up close the GORGEOUS pieces they have.
These two costumes (Diamas on the left by Sheri and the blue/gold gown on the right by Linda) are stunning. They were for a sewing competition by Bernina (that will no longer be held sadly enough) I walked in to see these two and my jaw dropped. I love costumes and would so love to do costuming but yeah - who has time! Kudos for these talented ladies - they were 3 that were in the competition from the Albuquerque Area and this was an international competition - they were finalists. I'd give them blue ribbons both!!!!
Talent Talent Talent!!!!!!


Harvey House Show - Opening Day

Harvey House exhibit is officially open and running. Yesterday was opening day and the traffic through there was really good. The displays for all the guilds were terrific as usual! So MANY beautiful things - shawls, felted goods, knitted and crocheted
Spun yarn, and wool/mohair etc for spinning.
rugs, wall hangings, retablos (in wool not wood). This GORGEOUS shawl was done by Bobby Dow and the picture just doesn't do it justice!

There are my goat milk soaps! There are pins, shawl pins, keychains, felted animals, purses, "paintings" in wool felt.....and more!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Nuno Felted Scarves.

Here are the two newest Scarves. One is dyed Hot Pink with Turquoise, hot pink and light pink dots and squiggles. The other is dyed dark purple with purple and teal felt (it is two sided - the pink is only one sided) that has been carded with some purple/blue angelina and gives it shine

This one is felted with a blend of Merino and silk so the dots/squiggles have a really beautiful sheen to it and it puckers quite a bit more the the other one.

Harvey House's Annual show starts today and these are heading down to Harvey House as soon as they are beaded. I am planning on taking the camara if I can find the batteries that were recharged too and taking pics of the displays. Harvey House is one of my FAVORITE annual shows. Several of my friends are asking me to join Las Aranas and be in a couple of their shows as well - Gracious me! Anyone who loves Fiber, Quilts, Embroidery, Beads or Silk Painting - Head South to this hidden treasure in Belen!