Sunday, January 31, 2010

Harvey House Show - Opening Day Part 2

Here are some of the other exhibits from Harvey House. The local quilting quilt has a ton of beautiful quilts (This one and the next one are two of my favorites but there are so many gorgeous quilts you'll just have to go see for yourself!!!!
Especially this one - the Patchwork quilt has some of the most incredible embroidry on it I've EVER seen. REALLY, this picture doesn't even come close to showing the incredibly work that went into this quilt.
More yarn, Hats, Wheat Weaving and other Fibery Goodness!
And last but most certainly NOT least are two of the most talented folks I've ever met - the silk painters. These two ladies - Linda Walters and Sheri Reckers are incredible. I wish I could show you up close the GORGEOUS pieces they have.
These two costumes (Diamas on the left by Sheri and the blue/gold gown on the right by Linda) are stunning. They were for a sewing competition by Bernina (that will no longer be held sadly enough) I walked in to see these two and my jaw dropped. I love costumes and would so love to do costuming but yeah - who has time! Kudos for these talented ladies - they were 3 that were in the competition from the Albuquerque Area and this was an international competition - they were finalists. I'd give them blue ribbons both!!!!
Talent Talent Talent!!!!!!

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