Sunday, January 31, 2010

The OTHER new scarf.

This is the last of the 3 scarves I recently worked on - still have some beading to do. This one I am having trouble getting a good picture of it. It is Coral dyed silk scarf with light purple, green, orange, and tan merino wool felted over a silk threat that was laid on in squiggle pattern. I will try to get a better picture but not sure if I can.
This does show some detail a little better but not much. These aren't colors I normally would pick or wear myself but the fact is - I LOVE THIS scarf. It also so happened that it worked for the Color Challenge our guild did - the display will go to CONVERGENCE a Fiber Arts Conference being held in Albuquerque, NM this year (they are online if anyone wants to check it out - just type in Convergence Albuquerque and it should come up) I've heard rumors that this is THE Fiber event to end all Fiber Events - classes, vendors, demos etc. SIGH!

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