Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Nuno Felted Scarf!

Wow - the colors almost look garish on this scarf - REALLY it is not has horrible as it looks - the colors are way more subtle - I probably shouldn't have put this against so light a back ground. I do LOVE how this one turned out though. It is really a cinnamon colored scarf with dark blue, gold, gold angelina and maroon with a tiny bit of olive colored Mohair
I beaded the ends with a very subtle row of metallic rainbow beads that complement the colors of the scarf well. Sorry these photos don't really give you a good idea of how nice this scarf looks. I've got another one ALMOST done - it's light grey with little pink and blue flash hearts on it. (seriously it's cute - not horrible!). I've got TONS of ideas for MORE scarves so I'm goin to have to get to work - but first need to order more scarves - these two are the last two from the last batch I ordered - I may have to bite the bullet and order 10 this time instead of 5 - since they seem to be selling well - also Fiber Fiesta is coming up and I'd love to enter one and the South Mountain Fiber Farm Tour is coming up in April so I'd like to have several done for that as well.

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