Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Baby Hat

I just finished crocheting this baby hat for a friend's baby. I LOVE this yarn color. It's a variegated pastel cotton that I bought after Christmas. The little flower is holding up the brim which is slightly "ruffled" but you can't see that. I wish I had a baby to model the hat! I have some yarn leftover that I may try to do a newborn hat out of. I also started last night Knitting a scarf out of "OZZY" an auburn alpaca yarn. I found the pattern of Isle of misfit patterns and it's a lacy scarf with a leaf pattern on it. I will hopefully be posting a picture of the scarf and Ozzy, my favorite Alpaca at FourPines Alpacas here in Los Lunas. Thank you Mary for letting me have first dibs on Ozzy's yarn!

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