Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Grey Felted Alpaca Hat

This is a hat that my sister in law ordered (Thank you Megan!) It is a charcoal grey felted Alpaca hat. I bought 600 yards of Prime Alpaca in Charcoal. I crocheted it double stranded for a little more bulk and it is sooooo nice and soft. I'm so excited about this as I've never worked in Alpaca before. It fuzzes a little differently from the Wool/Mohair I've been using but it is so much softer than anything I've worked with. I think I like working in Alpaca. Good think since my next project is that OZZY scarf out of Ozzy the Alpaca's Auburn wool!


Terri said...

Can't believe I just now found your blog. I've been wondering what you've been up to. I finished a pair of socks for ArmyGuy's birthday last week (started Friday and finished in a week). Everything else is "work in progress".

D. said...

When are you going to get your blog up and running so i can drool over the awesome socks you are making???