Friday, September 28, 2007

Out with the OLD, In with the NEW

Happy Birthday to ME! The new wheel is here and the old wheel
is being retired to "decoration" status. It is an antique and it belonged to my best friend's grandma so it is staying unless one of them wants it (grandma or best friend) but won't be used. It is a neat wheel but limited in what I can do with it. Soooooo, the new wheel will take it's place. It is an Ashford Scholar. Ashford doesn't make it any more but it's a beauty, easy to use and they still make the parts for it (Thank goodness!) I will be able to ply my yarn and it's treadle folds up easily for portability so I can go to my spining group/Fiber guild meetings easily with spinning wheel in tow. Couldn't do that very well with the other one. Plus it is so nice to store. Can't wait to start spinning LOTS of yarn!!!
God is GOOD!

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