Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Johnny Jump Ups - WASHED!

Amazingly enough this is Johnny Jump Ups POST washing.
Skein one is the largest at 290yds. It is 3 ply and washed out to a pretty shades of purple with some greenish hues. Skein two is only a two ply of lilac and yellow which turned an almost mossy green with some purples total lenght is 256.8 yards.Skein 3 is what was left of the triple ply of the lilac, violet and yellow which for some reason turned a lighter shade of the purples/green - total yardage is 139.75. Odd that all of this came of the same dye lot - Ya never know what is going to happen! I guess that is the fun of this - the unpredictablility! I am going to wash the Purple Haze today and see what happens.


Terri said...

It looks somewhat different than the original colors. I'm guessing the dye ran a little? They're still great colors. --TTFN, Terri

D. said...

Johnny Jump Ups is SOLD - Thank you.