Sunday, June 8, 2008

Fiber Farm Tour

Forgot my camara but I had memorable day at the Fiber Farm tour in Edgewood/East Mountain area. Judy Tucker and Lora Kniffin at Prairie Wood Ranch invited me out to be a part of the tour and sell my goat milk soaps and yarn/ finished projects. Sounds like it was a success ALL the way around. It was so fun meeting so many Fiber folks, talking to people about their critters and demonstrating spinning. Also had the chance to help Lora sell one of her goats who I KNOW got a new GREAT home with Laughing Orca Ranch (see link on my Cornerstonenigerians blog). Lisa took home a beautiful blue eyed Mini Mancha who I think will be a real asset to her farm. Can't wait until Lisa is up to her elbows in milk and cheese!
Next year I'll remember my camara and take pics of the fiber and all the kids enjoying the baby goats including Judy's new Angora Caleb. So EXCITING!!!!


Terri said...

Awwwww, no photos. Camera must become glued to wallet/keys.

D. said...

Hey now - no mean forgetful person comments now - My every intention was to bring it but I left it home.

Terri said...

No meanness intended. I have become the queen of forgetfulness. You, at least, have an excuse (named A,N,S,etc.). I keep my camera in my purse or my hand or my pocket except when I forget it! Going to the supermarket, and hubby says, "What do you need that for?" And, of course, I say, "Just because."

D. said...

If you are sure that is an excuse?
I am starting to worry about age related probs -
My hubby is always MAD at me for loosing my keys - I thought you knew my darkest secrets and were sharing them with the blogger world
LOL. My kids think I need a camara phone because I never have my camara when I need it.

Twinville said...

Weezie peezie, I am so far behind in reading our blog! That was a fun day and it was awesome seeing you and chatting up with you and Lora, too.
And of course, what a surprise coming home with a new goat! hehe

She's perfect and we love our swet Latte. Thanks for letting me know about her. I'm glad you were there when I bought her.
And of course, I can't get enough of your goat's milk soap.
I hope you will teach me how to make some of my own when our Latte gives us milk next year. Pretty please?
I'll still buy your yummy soap no matter what. Your Clary Sage and Cucumber soaps are my fave!
And I can't wait to try your Chocolate Mousse!

Oh! And hey, everybody, I have LOTS farm tour photos on my blog:
Laughing Orca Ranch ;o)

D. said...

Thank you Sweetie! If you all haven't gone to Laughing Orca Ranch
GO THERE - this gal has a great blog. Link over to my Nigerian page Cornerstonenigerians and then link to Laughing Orca from there.