Tuesday, November 13, 2007

MORE Gourds for Fall

Here are Several new gourds I've done recently. The sunflower birdhouse, the leaf bowl, the hummingbird christmas ornament, sunflower christmas ornament and a leaf birdhouse.
These are just some samples of what I'm doing. They are made using a woodburning tool and leather dyes. I LOVE the sunflower christmas ornament and the leaf bow. The leaf birdhouse isn't done yet. I still have to stain it and put the "coating" over it. These are NOT weatherproofed and are for decoration only. Christmas ornaments will run $15.00 and the the bowls and birdhouses (these aren't very big) run between $40 and $60. Hope you enjoy my gourdart!.


Terri said...

I love the leaf bowl. Oaks are one of my favorite trees. I think I want one like that... hint hint.

D. said...

Okay!!! I owe ya for the gourds so I'll get ya one done as soon as I can.