Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NEW Yarn

I just can't stop spinning. Here are 4 of the latest skeins of Yarn. A friend thinks this is Shetland wool = it was given to me in roving with no tags or anything. It is heathered brown. I spun up two skeins of single ply, then I took a workshop on spinning a few weekends ago and learned to spin thinner yarn so I did and then learned to ply. The two skeins on the right are 2 ply and turned out great - HMMM, what to do with this yarn??????
Will keep you all updated on what comes from this. I am spinning some stuff now that I hate. I will ply it and see what comes of it. It is making bumpy yarn all on its' own and it is very course. I am in the process of buying some Border Leicester/Cheviot cross wool right now. I am having so much fun spinning the different types of fiber to learn. No complaints.


Terri said...

WHAT!?!?!!?!? Buying more? You've turned into a Crazy Woman, a spinning-crazy woman! BWAAAHAAAHAAA! I love being an enabler.

D. said...

Yes, and I have you to thank for most of my new addiction!!!
Thank you!!! I LOVE MY SPINNING WHEEL. I wish I wasn't getting stuff ready for the A& C Fair so I could just spin!!!!