Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chocolate on My Blue Silk Dress and Molly

I just don't seem to be able to stop spinning. Quite a while back I had my friend Terry order me this Bamboo/Angelina from an Etsy store ( and I just now got around to spinning the luscious stuff. And for once I actually have a project in mind for it. A beautiful netted Tunic sweater (which means now I have to get off my duff and learn to knit sweaters.
Here it is spun by itself. It is soooo shiney it reflects the light in the most amazing way. I wish the sweater was done but first I have to spin a bunch of Molly - the Ramboulliet/Merino wool I bought from my dear friend Wendy. I love this combo. It is so soft and silky it is amazing.
Here is the first skein prewash. It is 2 ply sportweight and is lovely stuff for a scrumptious sweater for the winter. (yeah, knowing me - next winter. BUT I digress. I loved this stuff and still have plenty of Molly left so I ordered two more batts of Chocolate on My Blue Silk Dress from Butterflygirldesigns. IF you are bored and LOVE handmade drop spindles - go check out her store - you won't be dissappointed - besides, if drop spindles aren't your thing - she has some beautiful spinning batts as well. Keep posted to see if ever make it to getting my sweater done - in the meantime I may just have to sleep with the soft stuff.

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