Sunday, July 12, 2009

Two New Scarves.

Here are my two latest Nuno Felted Scarves. The pictures don't make them look the right color. They are actually Cherry Red with Black Merino Fiber. This one is Carmen (yes, after the opera) It has gold Angeline carded into the black Fiber and then felted in. The beads are cherry, black and gold. Carmen sold yesterday!
This one is Opera - has a classy look to it and the felting is more simple. It is just in swirls. It has black and cherry red beading at the bottom in a simple pattern. This one doesn't have any of the gold. I really love the way this turned out. It is still for sale. I am about to have them up on my website as soon as I learn how to make the links work and how to publish it on the web. If you contact me before the website launch it is $40.00.
Price is $45.00 on website. (Ask for the Friends/Family discount if you are a friend/family!)
I dyed 4 more scarves the day I did these two so there will be more on the way soon. These two were for an order. I just wanted to give her a choice.

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