Thursday, December 17, 2009

More New Nuno Scarves.

Today was a scarf making day. I dyed 3 scarves a few days ago - Two in a dark red/purple and one in brilliant blue. This is one of the red/purple scarves that is Nuno felted with brown, teal, and red/purple wool with gold angelina fiber.
Here is a close up of the red/purple scarf. I haven't named this one yet. It might get a name if I get inspired. Next step - beading the edges but first I need to wait until it is dry.

This is the brilliant blue scarf with wisps of tropical bright colors all over it
it is fun!!!!!
Close up of the colors used: tangerine, yellow, lime green, turquoise, hot pink and a little bit of purple. I wasn't really sure I like this one until it got close to being done. Now I love it. I'm calling it Miami Brite.

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