Thursday, November 6, 2008

First Peek at Lockerhocked Rug

Here it is drawn out and about 1/4 of the way hooked. It won't look like what is drawn exactly as I have decided some elements won't work for it but it is a good start. I will take another picture soon since I am about 1/2 way now. It really is starting to take shape and the blue/turquoise I dyed for the goat came out EXACTLY the color I want it!!!! Too exciting. I dyed a dark charcoal grey roving a brilliant blue/Turquoise mix and it is so beautiful. OOOH, AAH.
Can't wait to post the finished piece.....but that will be another week or so - AT LEAST. This is most certainly a lesson in patience if nothing else. I just want to see it done.


Terri said...

OK, that is very cool. I'm starting to be tempted to try this myself. Must. Not. Start. More. Hobbies. --TTFN, Terri

D. said...

BWAHAHA - aw, c'mon, more hobbies are the spice of LIFE - wait till you see it NOW!!!