Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Lockerhooking

So, curiosity got me on the web early one morning and I began looking up the history of Lockerhooking. Originally it appears to have been done in England using 6ply wool yarn but the expense of producing rugs this way was too time consuming and expensive for most folks. A man visiting England took the technique and supplies home to his mother in Australia, who began experimenting to find an easier less expensive way and came up with the style I learned which is to Lockerhook with roving. Indeed - EASIER!!!! I think Lockerhooking is one of the easiest fiberarts there is - Way easier than the British method of course. One would have to process the wool, spin the 6 ply and then lockerhook the rug! This method requires a minimal of supplies - Canvas, yarn (2ply works fine and I am using some of my early UGLY 2ply as it gets covered up anyway and some not so NICE wool) Roving, Tapestry Needle and of course a Lockerhook which looks like a Crochet hook with a needle opening on the back. Oh, and at least some geometric imagination!!!!! REally- you can draw on the canvas and then Fill in with whatever color wool you want. It really is incredibly fun. Are you guys bored with posts with no pictures yet? They are coming - I promise. But I want to do a little more work on the rug FIRST! You'll just have to come back - that's all!

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