Monday, November 16, 2009

I forgot my camara and Had a blast!

This past weekend I drove up to the Jemez and taught 4 women to Lockerhook for the Jemez Valley Fiber Arts Group. The setting was LOVELY, the ladies were delightful and so quick to catch on! I couldn't believe how fast the day slipped by and most everyone got quite a bit of their projects done except one very ambitious gal who is doing a rug - not a hotpad.
I was also invited back in the spring to teach another class on Kool Aid dying, carding and
drop spindle if I can learn in time. Thankfully I sort of know how and I have 6 months to practice if i can lay my hands on a spindle which shouldn't be an issue.
If you live in the Jemez - I recommend this wonderful group and if you don't - check out their classes anyway. I know they've done felting, quilting and making rag rugs.
I wish I'd remembered my camara - the class was held at the Green Acres Permaculture Demonstration farm and is awesome. They live in a yurt part of the year and also rent out the yurt if someone wants to go stay up there. They also do permaculture classes and apparently grow tons of herbs, veggies and flowers. The property abuts the Jemez River and would be a dream property! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to live in a place like this and make the upper part of the main building a studio/gallery but we'd need a miracle for that to happen plus - I love it here in Bosque Farms and would find it hard to leave our property here and all of our awesome yeah, probably wouldn't happen unless it's a vacation home for us! OH where oh where is that rich relative who will leave us millions when they pass away?

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