Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Novelty yarn.

I'm spinning again. I lent my wheel to my cousin in AZ and am seriously miss it but my friend and mentor lent me her wheel so I can be back to spinning until I get my wheel back. I hope they can bring it back over the holidays. I had some lovely black Alpaca from Four Pines Alpaca leftover from a different spinning project and I didn't know what to do, then as I was going through some of my stuff for a class I'm teaching this coming weekend
I found some odds and ends: about an oz of bamboo, silk hankies and some cotton sent to my from Exclusivelylindalee on so i spun it all u and made some Novelty yarn. It also gave me a chance to experience something new - spinning cotton. I've been told it's hard - NOT really. but then, I didn't think silk or bamboo were as difficult as everyone said either. I still prefer Alpaca and Silk to anything else.

This one is Black Alpaca with silk spun with coils. There isn't much but was thinking -hmmm - wouldn't that make an interesting and unique addition to a woven scarf.....

Here is the Black Alpaca, cotton and bamboo. Again, not much but enough to make a statement in some sort of woven scarf.....I think I feel a few more new projects coming on. I guess I best finish the table runner on the loom and get it off so I can weave some more fun and wonderful objects. CRACK that whip!

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