Friday, September 18, 2009

Gallery Shots

The Gallery Show at Tome Gallery in Los Lunas opened last Friday and I am finally getting some Gallery shots with some of the other work that is also on display there. Here are two of my purses - Hanging behind is the beautiful woven and sewn vest by my friend Mary of Four Pines Alpacas (she has a website and does some beautiful work!!!!)
Here are the scarves and the other purses by Deb Schwirtz who does a lot of other things: Felting, Nuno Felting, Cobweb Felting, Dichroic Glass, and weaving along with her Hubby Greg.

Here is my Lizard gourd and just to the left are some awesome purses by Jo Phillips - above the purses are her artwork - these are all felt but they look like watercolors!

Here are the felt pictures next to Tony's unusual handwoven scarf and purse - the scarf is woven with feather from her Sebastopol Geese who look like their feathers curl.

here is the rug and pillow and above it are felted critters and people by Greg, Pat Poole and the Scarf and purse by Tony as well as a lot of beautiful yarns created by
the Dows. The show ends this coming Sunday. I hope the artists have lots of sales and things go well for the gallery! Thank you Greg and Deb for inviting me to attend this show! I' m honored to be in a gallery show with the pool of incredible artists that are there also!!!!


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Terri said...

Thank you for posting the photos. I'm sad I didn't get to go down and see the show in person so it is great to at least be able to see the photos. Everything is beautiful. I hope it was a successful show.