Friday, September 11, 2009

More Gallery Items.

Wow, this looks like a riot of color on the computer. This is a short scarf with matching pin - silk Chiffon Nuno Felted with Merino and Mohair which adds crimp and shine to the scarf. I tried to do a lot of fall colors so wine, orange, dark green and gold.
I LOVE this piece. IF it doesn't sell it is going up in my house. I think this is by far one of my favorites. I used a black fleece and added the cool combo color
roving to it and felted away getting this very nebulous (it actually reminds me of some of the photos the hubble has sent back from deep space) cloud of color on the dark background then the gourd piece is lightly sanded, woodburned and colored. I NEED MORE SHADOW BOX frames!!!!
a funky cool pin made from sculpey and felt.

Another one.

This is a dark brown Nuno Felted scarf with swirls of pastel colors.
The ends (not show here) are beaded with two rows of seed beads in a rainbow matte of blue/purple and rosy pink. I will be taking this load of stuff to the gallery a little later today for the show. NOW it is time to get busy for the Christmas show season making soaps and MORE scarves. We will also be working on the products pages of our website soon so you can check there often for items for sale. or feel free to email me
if there is something you want or would like to order something similar if an item is sold.

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